I love furniture. Which is a problem when it comes to selling it

So my parents are coming to Sydney this weekend. They have been working for a week in New Zealand, and stop off in Sydney to see myself, Nick and my sister (in reverse order if you ask the sister) before they head back to Nanjing. Mum is Super-Organised Woman and I am being a terrible daughter by relying on her to help me figure out what to take to China, what to sell and what to take back to New Zealand to put in storage. I have made an Excel Spreadsheet listing all of our furniture. I have started on the stuff we want to sell. And man oh man do we have a lot of STUFF!!! In the spreadsheet, I’ve listed what we paid for it, what its selling for new and what we are expecting to get for it if we sell it second hand. Its hard to be reasonable about what you think other people will pay for your furniture. My furniture has a lot of sentimental value attached to it. Like our lamp that we lovingly nicknamed Pixar. He’s red and bendy and I love him. He came to us for $20AUD via an ad on Gumtree. He sits in our lounge above my black Ikea Lilliburg rocking chair, the perfect spot to sit and read with your legs crossed off the floor inciting a gentle rocking motion… See?! I have wee stories like this for most of our furniture. It’s an issue, especially when it comes to selling each piece.

And then we have my sister. My baby sister who has just moved into a cute wee studio apartment. My little blister who has already, in her mind, browsed through the contents of our apartment and mentally tagged what she wants. Will she be willing to pay the price that we have listed in our spreadsheet? Not likely! She’s my little sister. She will want the sissy discount! That’s just the way family works. I’m just glad that she has limited space to fit stuff. That helps limit the bits she wants to lay claim to.

I know Mum is totally going to challenge me on some of the stuff I want to keep. Blondie (Nick, my husband, affectionately) has already told on me for my previous desire to ship our Ikea fold-out couch to New Zealand. They both bashed that idea out of my head! I wonder what other attachments they are going to brutally crush over the three days that Mum is here. At least I have ammo to fight back with. Nick wants to pack up and take our pod coffee machine to China?!?!?! I’ll keep quiet on that one until I really need a good diversion.

Ah stuff. Furniture, clutter, bits and bobs. It is amazing how easy it is to collect odds and ends both large and small when you get comfortable in a place. Especially if you’re a peruser of second hand furniture websites, like Gumtree in Australia or TradeMe in New Zealand. There are just so many bargains to be had! Look! Those retro red dining chairs are only $5AUD each. I HAVE TO have them… And I have a wonderful Blondie who has managed to be the voice of reason reminding me I don’t need these items. Most of the time!

So. Mum and Dad fly in on Saturday morning. And because of my mother’s insomniac tendancies, we’ll probably be up at 3am Sunday morning colour coding the spreadsheet that I have made. I am predicting lots of red. Lots and LOTS of red!

Does anyone have any tips on how they culled their furniture and other personal items (like shoes…!) prior to a move? I’d love some suggestions if they’re floating about out there 🙂


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