The nooks and crannies of WeChat

It has certainly been a learning curve, navigating my way around and using WeChat. I have heard it said that it’s the Chinese version of FaceBook, and I can see why that comparison has been drawn. Although to me, the two are very different to use!

Mum hooked me up with WeChat because it was the easiest way for her to message us back here in Australia. And I have been learning new things that WeChat can do ever since. Like the Discover feature, which is kind of like FaceBook Newsfeed (only harder to figure out!). This is where all of the contacts that you are connected with on WeChat share photos, videos, articles, and so much more! Or the subscriptions, which is a feature I am still very much new to. You can sign up to receive a company’s subscriptions, which can include their newsletter, articles about their company or related topics and even discount codes or special offers! It’s a whole new world when you’re using WeChat.

Learning WeChat is certainly a work in progress. I have recently been doing some work for Mum, networking and marketing on WeChat for her company. Learning how to create little basic articles and send them out to private chat groups, as well as sending some of them out by subscription. So far, I am relying heavily on Google Chrome’s ‘Translate to English’ function, because reading Chinese characters is still out of my reach at the moment!

Next goal: Learn written Chinese so I can actually READ people’s updates and articles! Now THAT will be exciting!!!


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