How to stay cruelty free in a country that requires animal testing by law

Did you know that the Chinese government requires compulsory animal testing of any imported cosmetics products?! Some exemptions for testing on animals have been made for locally made products (such as is reported here). However, this policy is still enforced on ALL imported cosmetic products, such as make up, skin care and hair care products. This is terrible news for me. I love my cruelty free products. Mum just bought a whole lot of make up for me from The Balm, including a delicious new bronzer called Bahama Mama that I am in love with! I work hard to ensure that my make up is cruelty free, even sourcing my mineral powder foundation from a little make up brand called Doll Face Mineral Makeup, based in Lower Hutt (Debbie is great, her foundation is divine and all her products are formulated by her!).  I use EcoStore all around our home and we are huge fans of LUSH for products like Nicks shaving cream, face masks, and bath bombs. So, the prospect of not being able to buy cruelty free products off the shelves when we live in China is daunting, to say the least.

This is where I will be stocking up. I have already started, with 5 bottles of Nick’s favourite body wash stashed in our wardrobe. At least a quarter of our luggage when we move over will be hoarded cosmetic products. I plan on making a bulk order of make up before I leave, and will be popping into Debbie’s make up bar in Lower Hutt when we visit home in July to stock up on powder foundation and primer. And I am lucky that I also use a lot of home made products, mainly based on coconut oil, a product I am totally enamoured with. This means that I will need to do some research on where to source ethical, high quality coconut oil so that my coffee scrub and whipped cocoa butter can still be used regularly. My skin will shrivel up and die without the copious amounts of coconut oil that its used to! And other bits and pieces can be brought over by friends and family who come to visit. So we should be good.

My biggest challenge is going to be getting my hair done, and my vanity. It is SO CHEAP to get a wash and dry in China. Cheap enough to get it done weekly, which my Mum does! I haven’t done any research on the topic, but off the top of my head I would stab a guess that most salons use products tested on animals, and that finding a cruelty free salon would be like finding a needle in a barn full of hay stacks!

So the research continues. I think I will be learning A LOT about China and cruelty free products, as well as collecting more recipes for making my own cosmetics. If you have any tips or suggestions, recipes or articles that you can throw my way, they would all be muchly appreciated!


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