How wonderful it feels to know that we will be sad to leave

We’ve moved into my sisters studio apartment in Newtown and have been running around tidying up our affairs, sorting out fun grown up things like mail redirection, bank accounts, stocking up on basics and the culling that seems to be never ending. And as we go about these ‘chores’, we seem to come across little reminders of why we will actually be sad to leave Sydney.

If you had’ve told us,when we first moved to Sydney, that we would be sad to leave when the time came, we would have laughed at you! We came to Sydney to earn money and to be close to my sister, not because we loved the city. In fact, we have said many times that Sydney is the rudest city we have ever been to.  We spent the better part of our first 18 months here totally hating on Sydney. Which was dumb. Because despite the rat race in the central city, the segregation of cultures and the general cost of everything, Sydney definitely does have unexpected charm hidden in various nooks and crannies. All you have to do is look with your eyes open.

Like what?

Like Anema E Core. I know I raved about this restaurant in my last blog post. So I won’t go repeating myself. Lets just say their food is spectacular, the staff are wonderful and we love them dearly. Oh and they’re BYO with no corkage fee. That’s gotta be a winner right? They’re located right by the Meadowbank train station, so are easy to find despite being right out in the heart of suburbia. Well worth the 25 minute train trip, I promise you!

Like Newtown. The whole damn suburb. Full of colourful people, buskers who are actually damn good at music, awesome vege/vegan foodie treats (like vegan gelato and gelato happy hour!!!), and amazing street art covering the walls in every direction! Newtown reminds us so much of Wellington, our home. And the people here in Newtown are so much friendlier and more open. Shop staff are actually willing to converse with you!!!

Like The Bull Pen. If you’re in the city and are after a hearty cheap feed for lunch, head to Town Hall Square, look for the Mac Pac store, and head outside. There you will find The Bull Pen. My favourite haunt for lunch when I was working on Sussex Street,  The Bull Pen are cheap and their meals HUGE (a rarity in the heart of the city). They have great salads, like chicken and avocado or thai beef, and their burgers are enough to fill up my hungry husband. We went there the other day and $21 paid for lunch for both of us and I think Nick even left a couple of wedges on his plate because he couldn’t fit them in!

Like Sanders Kiosk in Cabarita. This was our favourite brunch spot. Although it was also a fantastic afternoon drinks and tapa’s spot. Situated at the entrance of the D’Albora Marina in Cabarita, Sanders Kiosk is an easy walk from the Cabarita Ferry stop, at which the Parramatta ferry stops regularly. Again, another reasonably priced gem, you could get a decent fish and chips meal for about $15. Or, if you’re a late riser and simply want to bask in the sun with tapas and a drink in your hand, in the very same spot is the outside bar connected to the Vela Restaurant. Stunning views of the Parramatta River, great food and drink, comfy chairs to lay back in and soak up the sun. What more could you ask for?!?!?!

Like the Bondi to Coogee walk. This walk was our first real taste of Sydney scenery. We were staying in Clovelly when we first flew in, it was spring going on summer and the Bondi to Coogee walk took our breathe away. From the amazing Waverley cemetery sprawled across the hill at the Coogee end of the walk, to the majestic cliffs and rocky seaviews, this walk is one of our top recommendations to visitors to Sydney. It can be as short or as long as you like, because at various points along the walk, you can simply catch a bus back to the city. It is about 6km long and takes about 2 hours, depending on your fitness levels and how easily distracted you can get (I tend to take longer just cos I have to stop and stare at everything!). And if you’re lucky enough to do it around the end of Oct/beginning of Nov, you’ll be lucky enough to see the Sculpture by the Sea exhibition that is held along this iconic Sydney walk.

   Like the Manly to Spit Bridge walk.  This was my favourite walk in Sydney.  Nick and I got up early on our one year wedding anniversary and tackled this walk. I loved every moment of it! It amazed me that you could be walking in the city, and yet it felt like we were in the middle of no where. And the lizards… Oh the lizards! I am a HUGE fan of lizards and they are in absolute abundance on this track, especially in the warmer months. Technically, this walk is made up of a series of smaller walks, and in total it is 10km from Manly to Spit Bridge. We did it the opposite way around, starting at Spit Bridge. And wading our sore bare feet through the water in Manly as we waited for the ferry back to the city was the perfect end to our walk.

There are many more charming little spots in Sydney. These were our favourites. Despite our rocky start here, Sydney will always hold a special place in our hearts because of these spots and the people we associate these places with. It feels like we are leaving at the right time. Leaving on a good note, with fond memories and good stories to tell.


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