Moving out

As I am sitting here writing this, my husband is next to me snoring away and my sister is on the couch snoring even louder. We have been hit by the winter bugs and we’ve gone down hard. My little sister has the flu, and Nick and I have head colds. We feel like we’ve been hit by a truck (all of us, the same truck) and we’re not even in China yet!!!

It’s been a huge couple of weeks. Selling all of our furniture, moving out of our apartment (which we did less than a week ago), reducing our belongings down to 4 suitcases, a computer box, a skateboard bag and way too many loose extra bits and pieces. And we still have too much stuff to take to China with us and so we are doing our best to cull. Again.

We moved from our huge three bedroom apartment in Meadowbank into my sisters’ little studio apartment much closer to the city. One corner of her studio is piled up with our suitcase and crap! She is staying with a friend to give us the place to ourselves, which has been amazing. We are so appreciative and grateful. Because we had no idea what we would have done had she not come to our rescue!

Nick has been pulling some pretty crazy hours at work lately, in an effort to raise more funds for the move. And then any one who has ever sold up EVERYTHING and moved out can attest to how its inevitable that you end up strapping boxes and furniture to the ute at 3am, and then you get up again at 6am to wipe down walls and vacuum wardrobes. It was a pretty stressful few days, full of nostalgia and memories. We took some time out on our last night in the apartment, and went on a date to our favourite restaurant. Anema E Core is an Italian restaurant like no other, within walking distance of our old apartment. We are lucky enough to call Christian, the owner, and his staff our friends, and we go there for much more than just the food. Which is saying something because the food is amazing!

Alice (pronounced Ah-lee-scha) showed us to our table with her usual beautiful accented chatter. We were both so dog tired we didn’t even notice when Christian (owner and pizza chef extraordinaire!) approached our table with two wine glasses and a bottle of wine. Now, Anema E Core aren’t licensed yet and cannot legally sell wine. Not that he was selling it. “A gift to you two from Alice and I”, was his explanation. Nick and I,in our over tired state almost burst into tears. Christian, Alice and their staff are a huge part of the Sydney that we will miss like crazy. It was such a lovely way to spend our last night in our Meadowbank apartment. Having a beautiful meal with beautiful people in their gorgeous little restaurant by the train station. 

And then all of a sudden it was Saturday, moving out day. The last wall had been wiped, all of the wardrobes had been vacuumed out and the property agent arrived to take the keys. Our time at Meadowbank came to an end and we drove away feeling pretty sorry for ourselves.  That apartment was special to us. Nick proposed to me in that apartment. We sat at the table in that apartment, making our wedding invitations by hand. We became husband and wife during our time in that apartment. We had wonderful people stay with us in that apartment. We have crammed so many good memories into the two and a half years we spent in that apartment. 

That was almost a week ago. Although it feels like longer. A lot has changed for us in a very short time. And there are many more changes to come! And every time something changes, it reiterates what an amazing time we have had here in Sydney. I reckon this is a damn good note to end things on.

Thank you Sydney xxx


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