It’s raining in Nanjing. Again!

Nick is asleep. Curled up on the single seater pushed up against the footrest. He’s facing out the window, having fallen asleep to the rain and thunder outside. We made it back to the apartment just as it began to spit and soon after we got in, it POURED DOWN. And it hasn’t eased up. It’s still raining pretty hard out there. We can still hear thunder cracking as the storm clouds move on. It’s Nick’s lullaby, the sounds of rain and thunder. He’s out like a light!

Two sleeps down in Nanjing and we are still so tired. We never really got over our sleep debt that we collected leading up to our flight out of Sydney. Sunday, our first full day in Nanjing, was a BIG day that began with wonton soup. To which we added copious amounts of black vinegar and chilli (just a little for me. I am still working on my spice tolerance!) at Dad’s favourite little place to go for breakfast. He took us here every morning when we visited last November and we have been craving these wontons in this soup ever since! Mum laughed at us. She still isn’t sold on the wonton soup for breakfast thing.

Mum and Dad showed us Walmart, in Wanda Plaza. Having already been here, we kind of know our way round Hexi Wanda by foot. We know where Unicomm is for our phones, where the ATM’s are and how to get down to Jiqingmendajie station. It’s just a matter of adjusting our bearings because the big apartment we’re all living in is across the road from all the shops and cafes, instead of on top of them, where their old studio apartment was. So we wandered to Walmart, reacquainting ourselves with the area. Dad went to work and the rest of us caught the trains out to Ikea. Which was jam packed. So. Many. People. And Nick did so well ordering our bed and two desks for the apartment to be delivered. His first real taste of the language barrier we will face every day. And the sales assistants were lovely. Our furniture is being delivered tomorrow!

It’s really muggy and warm here for us. Mum and Dad are glad its cooled down, because apparently it was much warmer before we arrived! It’s been about a steady 29°C since we got here. Add the humidity and the heavy, smoggy air into the equation, and we’re constantly sticky and clammy. Poor Nick is chaffing. My love of tights is the only thing standing between me and the dreaded chaff! So this rain is a bit of a respite from the muggy heat. Rain and thunder are forecast for at least the next week! Well, we definitely didn’t move to Nanjing for the weather. So at least we’re not disappointed on that front. I don’t think we are disappointed on any front. We didn’t have any high faulting, glamorous ideas about moving to Nanjing. We knew our senses would be assaulted, from the smoggy, hazy horizon to the smells on the streets and in the subways. We didn’t make this move thinking it would be heaven. We made this move to learn, to get out of our comfort zone and to expand our horizons. And we certainly began that as soon as we stepped off the plane! Here’s to more of the same in the coming days.

Just after I published this, Dad got home. He had his jeans rolled up n his shoes and socks in his hands. The road (Jiqingmen Street) that he had to cross to get to the apartment is flooded!!! I zoomed in and got this photo from our window that looks down over Jiqingmen Street.



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