Long Distance Love

My Blondie has been back in Sydney for over a week now. He’s working back there for what was supposed to be six weeks and has turned into eight.

He flew out a week and a half ago. It sucked. I am terrible at saying goodbye and I cry like the sky is falling down.And he’s not much better. I was stupid enough to wear makeup that day. Enough said!

He stopped over in Melbourne to see some good friends of ours Adam and Sally, who are getting married in February. Nick is Adam’s best man, so the two of them plus Adam’s groomsman and good friend Mike all spent a day doing wedding stuff. Like having fittings and measurements done for the bespoke suits and shirts they are having made! Looks like they had a ball!

He hit the ground running when he got to Sydney, starting work the day after he arrived. He works like for this company. He likes the work and its a good bunch of guys that he works with. He’s staying with one of his workmates down in Cronulla, and got to go surfing on the weekend. Which he loved of course! I miss him so much and am so glad that he’s doing stuff that he doesn’t normally get to do when I am around.

I missed seeing him in his orange and blue Harry’s shirts! Here he is working a job in central Sydney. Can you see the Opera House and Harbour Bridge?!

Back here in Nanjing, I am doing his shifts at WEB the English school that Dad got him a job at. I’m not very good at sleeping alone, so my MacBook lives in my bed at night with countless movies and trashy TV programs being played. Thank goodness for Netflix and VPN’s! I am so jealous of the food photos he sends me and I miss Western supermarkets something crazy.

With the time difference, the hours we each keep and the sometimes terrible connection here in China, its hard to keep in contact. And we still work at it. WeChat is awesome. Even when VPN’s go down, I can still send a WeChat message. Snap chats are fun, when the connection allows me to access mine. And Facebook Messenger calling is the best quality calling we can find. Far better quality than Skype or WeChat voice calls.

It’s super important to us to keep up communication, especially when we are apart. And sometimes that means giving the other person (aka Nick!) some breathing space. I am one of those over bearing clingy types, and Nick can switch off and go days without calling me. It’s important to us that we compromise. I back off and let him be sometimes (waaaaaaaaaay easier said than done!). And in return, he puts a lot of effort into keeping in touch.

It sucks being apart. But it sucks even more fighting when we have this distance between us. So our aim is to get through this time apart as fast as we can, managing our gripes and niggles to avoid having them fester. Listening to each other, saying sorry and meaning it, and seeing the situation from the other person’s point of view are all tools that we are using in overdrive!

One week down. How many to go? I’ll be counting them down!


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