Embrace – the documentary

I feel like it has taken me a looooooooooooong time to finally watch this movie. And now here I am, on my couch with my husband watching Embrace on iTunes (yay for Apple TV!).

For me, it was really important to watch this movie with my husband. This is not a movie that’s a chick thing. The issues covered by Embrace are not limited to one gender. Embrace is for everyone, because everyone is affected by this horrible attitude of not being good enough that permeates our societies. EVERYONE. And so Blondie and I are watching this movie together.


And everyone needs to see Embrace. Seriously. You. Your sisters, your Mum, your brothers, your Dad, your kids, your friends, your Uncles and Aunties and nieces and nephews and grandparents and grandchildren… Everyone. You can check here to see if there are any screenings organised at your local cinema. You can organise a screening yourself if there aren’t any already set up. You can buy the DVD here or buy/rent the movie on iTunes.

One of the parts of Embrace that really hit a nerve with me was the lady who had a brain tumour. Renee Airya survived massive brain surgery back in 2004 and yet it meant that one side of her face stopped working. She talks about her smile lines and life experiences on one side of her face that were shown in her wrinkles, and how the side of her face that was immobilised was smooth and wrinkle free. This resonated with me in a different way to which she told her story because my Koro died of brain tumours. He didn’t survive like she did. I love my wrinkles and my newly found grey hairs because I am alive and so many aren’t. My Koro isn’t. Being old enough to have wrinkles and grey hairs is a privilege that so many miss out on. Oh what I would give to have my Koro back, wrinkles and all. The picture of the two ladies who both only had one boob made me think the same: They’re still here! They are still kicking and swimming and smiling and LIVING.

Really, when it all boils down to it, we waste so much time on things that don’t matter and we judge ourselves and those around us on things that are none of our freaking business! It’s not ok to stare at your body and hate it so much you can’t help but cry. It’s not ok to tell someone how they should live based on your personal values and beliefs. It’s not ok to make assumptions about someone’s weight or health or lifestyle. It’s not ok to teach our children that the media knows more about our bodies than we do. It’s not ok to put someone else down to make ourselves feel better. It’s not ok to tell someone how their body parts ‘should’ look. It’s not ok to base someones entire value on their appearance and aesthetics, not even yourself. I am so over all of this. I want to break free of this prison where I am supposed to put so much pressure on myself for what I am not. And I am determined to break free. I am determined to, bit by bit, embrace what makes me ME. I am determined to set an example for anyone who wants to notice me that being YOU is totally ok too. I have Embraced. And I strongly urge you to at least watch this movie too. You may or may not want to Embrace too. Thats entirely up to you. And I do think that it is necessary to start talking about this. It’s not just about our bodies. It’s about our health, our souls and our quality of life. It’s about you and me. It’s about making this world a better place for those that we love, including ourselves.




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