Sydney, Sydney, Sydney

sydney.jpgIt’s been a fair while since I’ve written. Being back in Sydney doesn’t really inspire me or get my creative juices flowing. Or at all. I really struggle in Sydney. It’s a big, bustling, fast-paced city that just doesn’t suit me. If I could get away with it, I would stay in our apartment all day, every day dreaming of China and Croatia.

And thats not healthy. So I got out, got myself a temp job (2 weeks of work has now turned into almost 2 months and counting!) and I brave the world outside Meadowbank/Ryde every day!

It’s an interesting concept, being in this city that is abundant with opportunities and colour and life and yet not really feeling alive within it. Sydney has all the right parts. The weather is generally pretty good and it gets proper hot here in summer (without the ridiculous humidity that our friends up in Queensland have to face every year! I honestly don’t know how you survive). Blondie and I are lucky enough to find work relatively easily in Sydney, given our skill sets and connections made during our time living here. The beaches are world famous, although not being a crowds person OR a sea person tends to count me out of the masses who swarm towards Manly or Bondi on any given sunny day!

So in the interest of practising gratitude and focusing on things that are good in my life, here is a list of things that I do appreciate and/or love about Sydney:

  • city-chicCity Chic. Hahaha yes, my first love of Sydney is a clothes store. When you’re my size, you learn not to take clothes stores that actually stock sizes that fit you for granted! When I first arrived back in Sydney, City Chic was my first stop for a few corporate style pieces of clothing. Coming off working on a boat for 6 months, my wardrobe looked like it had more in common with a shipwreck than a well laid out person ready to temp in civilised office buildings. So a nice jacket or two, an office appropriate skirt and a couple of dresses were high on my list of wants. I could have spent ages shopping around trying to find these items that a) fit me and b) were in my price range. But honestly, why bother when I know I can find them all at City Chic and in my size to boot!
  • Anema E Core. If the first item on my list is clothes, then it makes sense that the second reason to love Sydney is food. Well, in the case of Anema, it’s food AND people. Because not only does Christian and his Anema whanau whip up amazing pizzas, they are such a fun bunch of people to be around that Nick and I find ourselves just wanting to sit in amongst them and their Italian ramblings to each other that we don’t understand! Check out their Facebook page for a fun little video edit Nick madeimg_3418-2 of Christian working his magic. I also want to make special mention of the pastas that has made a comeback on the Anema specials menu each night. I am a complete sucker for pasta and I was so excited to learn that they were back with a vengence! And not only are they delicious, but adorned with pretty little edible flowers, they are a sight to behold as well.
  • Summer storms. Sydney has a very deserved reputation for crazy weather and part of the reason for this reputation is the epic summer storms that rock through with little to no warning. The sharp drop in temperature, the heavy rain all of a sudden pelting down around you, the sound of that rain on roofs… I love it all. And some very talented people capture some incredible shots of these storms, especially the lighting that comes part and parcel of these weather bombs. This year we even got some massive hail to add to the excitement!
  • Jasmine. Jasmine is my middle name. Jasmine is my Mum’s favourite flower and it fullsizerendersmells like my childhood. And walking around Surry Hills, it wafts up from the house fronts and makes me feel happy. Simple things, right?! Living out in Meadowbank, we don’t see jasmine so much. And during the month or so that we were staying with friends in Surry Hills, I just adored leaving the apartment, walking up the hill and catching a whiff of jasmine every now and then.
  • People. No matter where we go, we are always thankful for good people. Coming back to Sydney is no different. From the amazing friends (who, lets face it, are pretty much whanau. You know who you are xxx) who put us up when we first arrived here, to rediscovering friendships that waned simply because, you know, LIFE! And meeting new people to connect with, like our amazing landlord who has been so kind and accommodating. I may not be totally down with EVERYONE in Sydney (why do people have to stand so close to the opening train doors that I can’t even get off the train without shouldering them?!?!?!), there are always people that are like diamonds in the rough. Those ones are always worth the hassle, the effort and the time.

So, as we start to think about packing up again, I would like to send out a huge THANK YOU to my least favourite city in the world. Thank you Sydney for showing me that even though you don’t inspire me, I can still be happy here. I am pretty damn proud of that achievement!

Check out a few of my favourite snaps of Sydney sights, Sydney food and Sydney people below:

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